Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time flies when your not having fun

seriously, these past four months have passed like no one's busness. Between my life-draining job and the random bullshit that is life I have had almost no time for writing.

That and I've just been lazy (again)

This past friday, a man called Hector (or "Busy" by his friends) was hit by a drunk driver on the street next to ours. He didn't die thank God, but both his legs are broken and I'm sure he's gonna need a shit-ton of stiches for his head

the poem below this post is one I wrote with this in mind. At the time, I thought he was dead for sure. Man am I glad to be wrong


He who puts death to words
Writes only as a witness

And this rose,
by any other name,
cuts and butns
In the souls of the living

Tears everywhere

water for the fire
it seems

cold fire
burns the warm, living heart
all because
we are the witnessess

The dead have no need for tears

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why I hate stupid rat dogs


sweet song,
curled canvas of the wind,
paint the words
of a multi facetted sence

Let it know,
for it thinks of its own
here and gone again
like a day dream
and a thousand times sweeter

A happy nostalgia
and a love far from gone

Show me what I'm not

Beagle Stiegel
Free as an eagle
Here to steal my thunder away
Charging like a hook from the left
Screaming like a train
You really should relax
1, 2
Bam bam
Down for the count
I go
At least I know
What I never want to be


blue skies
for new songs

In thine eyes
of an endless thought

All together
but not at once
sparked in beauty
and malice
of something not quite

Everything and perfection
all of the world
is in your hand

be kind

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have a lot of older poems that I'm going to be posting up within the next few weeks. The reason being is that I've been very lazy about maintaining this little blog of mine. As a result, I have about 30+ poems that have yet to be posted.

I could do it all at once and have it done within a day but, needless to say, that's just a bad idea. I'll do about two or three every other day.

that's all I got to say for now
thanks for reading!!